Salads Save the Day!

SaladMy last few days have been quite full of food, friends, and fun and quite low on sleep, work, and exercise. I can’t really complain, it was lovely to be with all of my friends from college again but my life was certainly different for the past few days!

I’m actually pretty impressed, usually when all of us get together all we do is eat crappy food. This time around though, we all seem to be doing healthier thing with our lives. We ate out a lot, but that’s natural. We all steered away from eating tons of processed crap while we were all hanging out together and I would say the only time I really felt like I was doing any real damage was when I went to Anderson’s, a local ice cream place and had myself a blended ice cream treat. It was amazing, and one of those moments when I’m totally okay with giving my body something I know is really not good for it at all.

This post is titled Salads Save the Day because no matter what I was eating or presented with eating throughout this weekend, having a salad in addition to less healthy food, or instead of helped me so much! Even if I had a muffin in the morning, if I had a salad for lunch I felt much better. Eating raw, naturally hydrating veggies really helps your body recover from the less ideal stuff we may feed ourselves.


Fatoosh Salad at Sahara Grill in Buffalo

Fatoosh Salad at Sahara Grill in Buffalo



I ate a large salad at a Mediteranian Restaurant called Sahara Grill in the Elmwood Village (I live in Buffalo, New York) which was pretty good. It sounded better than it turned out, with a house Mediteranian dressing, peppers, onions, parsley, and tomatoes. It had a sweet flavor but I was looking for a little more of a punch.

Salads also saved the day at a brunch meal I had the other day. I shouldn’t be bragging about this meal really…I had a pancake and home fries BUT I just knew my body was craving some veggies. Even though it was brunch with my best friend, and that always means giving in to the brunch ways and just enjoying relaxing for a while, my body was craving some simple, hydrating lettuce. I ordered a small house salad with my pancake and home fries and it really made a difference. I ate the salad first, and it made me feel really good. The pancakes and the home fries, not so much. But the truth is, I always wanted the salad the most. I think I only ate the other stuff out of brunch habit, I wasn’t really craving it at all.

Moral of the story: eat some salad! Even when you feel like you are eating against an ideal raw diet, or against your ideal diet, you can recover and make your body feel good by feeding it hydrating raw veggies.

My body is still feeling a little heavy today, I really did not eat ideally the past few days, even with the salads, so I am going to be cleansing a bit with just fruits and veggies today, hopefully 100% raw for the next couple of days, because thats what makes my body feel better. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know what I eat and how I feel!

On another note, I have been rollerblading, biking, and doing yoga lately for exercise but for some crazy reason I have an urge to run. It happened last night, and I woke up with it again this morning. I hate running, why on earth would I want to go running!? I mean, its raining right now, its not even ideal weather. But I am seriously going to go running, in the rain. What!? Maybe I’ve suddenly become a fan of working out…worse things could happen!

After my run I am going to the bookstore to do some research for another section of Raw Food PunK called Health Food Superheroes and Villains! I will be presenting at least one, but hopefully two articles a week featuring either a super healthy food (superhero) or a not so awesome one (villain). I aim to present the pros and cons of each featured food to let you, the reader, decide if you want to be putting it in your body. I will also be providing a recipe to go a long with each Superhero food to help you easily receive that food’s super powers! I’m still not positive which food I’m going to feature today, but I’ll probably be going from A-Z!

Okay, that’s all for today! Check out the new recipe for Raw Curry Carrot Soup today on!

Later punks. ; )


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