Why Does Fiji Water Taste So Darn Good?

Yesterday was not quite as detox worthy as I had hoped, but certainly made me feel much better. I had the following:
1 banana
1 apple
1 soy latte (more about that later)
1 bottle fiji water—its just so good.
1 serving of Raw Tuna Salad rolled in romaine lettuce
1 salad with Curried Carrot Soup as Dressing
Green Tea on Ice with Lemon
More Raw Tuna Salad
3 small squares dark chocolate
Warm water with lemon

So that is clearly not a fruit and veggie only cleanse, but I avoided eating crappy food and I really don’t feel so bad about the latte, it was a small.

The truth about the latte is, however, that I had it for purely psychological reasons, which is pretty bad. I was in Barnes and Noble and I had just gotten done reading a thousand titles and scanning through books that give you countless rules about being skinny and healthy. After being inundated with rules and what NOT to eat I suddenly had this “screw it, I can do what I want” attitude and bought the latte purely for that reason. Once I started sipping it I realized I really didn’t want it. I ended up drinking more of the water than the latte. Hydration from pure, amazing water like Fiji is so much better than drinking a processed, caffeinated beverage that dehydrates you.  Hopefully I finally learned that lesson yesterday.  But I doubt that is my last latte ever.

I finally started my Health Food Superheroes and Villains page yesterday and am super excited about it!!  I did my first article on the negative effects of alcohol and I must say, it made me realize that having a vodka and soda out at a concert isn’t really worth the damage it does to my body.  I think I am most certainly cutting any alcohol out of my diet except maybe occasional red wine.


Please check out Health Food Superheroes and Villains and let me know what you think and also check out the recipe for banana, chocolate, caramel, almond butter smoothies at rawfoodpunk.com!


Later punks.


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    Myrto Ashe said,

    I linked to this site because I was looking up info on Fiji water. It reminded me that one of the mistakes of the “health food” movement has been to ignore the environmental impact of their choices and recommendations.

    I recommend you watch a few clips of the movie FLOW (For Love of Water) – on the web. Then tell me about how healthy Fiji or any other bottled water makes you feel.

    • 2

      hayleysun said,

      I actually do agree with you. I do not encourage people to buy bottled water. I try to avoid doing so as much as possible. I happened to be without my Sigg bottle that day though and grabbed a bottle, I do that every so often. It does taste pretty magnificent, but I wouldn’t stock up on boxes of it at home. Thanks for being honest and sharing our opinion. Here’s to our health and a healthy planet. : )

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