Junk Food All Around Me!

Ahhhh!! How does anyone eat healthy when in a house full of junk food?! I am currently babysitting, meaning I am surrounded by homemade chocolate chip cookies, peanut donuts, vanilla bean ice cream, popcorn, peanut butter (NOT NATURAL), pizza…I could continue, but I shall not. I know that when you eat 100% raw for a long time the cravings for these foods disappear. I still, however, feel this weird desire to eat these things, probably because I know I shouldn’t. Well, that’s just silly! I can eat whatever I want, I make my own rules. Even when I take a bite of foods like this they taste different then they used to. Processed foods just don’t taste as good as whole, natural foods with their true flavor still intact. Truth be told, sometimes, for whatever reason, I take a bite out of a brownie or something not-so-healthy and end up spitting it out before I chew it. Its like my body knows before I even swallow that it does not need or want food that offers little to no nutritional benefit. When you’re surrounded by junk food all day everyday, however, sometimes it can seem like the food just finds its way to your mouth.

I think the point is, you can’t expect yourself to eat well if you still allow there to be tons of ‘junk’ surrounding you. I’m sure eventually you get over it, but trying to eat raw and fight the urge to grab that reese’s cup that is sitting next to you is hard work!

My best advice is to clean out your home and office so that only the foods you and your body real want are around at all times. When you are presented with less than ideal choices, really listen to your cravings. Don’t eat something just because its their. If you really want that cookie though, and I mean REALLY want it, I still say go for it. One cookie is not going to send your health in a sudden downward spiral. I think you probably won’t really want it though, so don’t bother.

I still struggle a bit with my psychological relationship with food, sometimes I know I’m eating something just because I feel like I have to be free of all restrictions and prove to myself that I can do whatever I want. That’s bad. My body is not asking for nourishment, my brain is asking for redemption…or something…Take it from me, unless you’re hungry and you really know that you want to eat something, don’t bother. You are free to eat whatever you choose, you don’t have to prove that to anyone, not even yourself.

On a much more positive note, I had some really tasty cantaloup this morning for breakfast. Then I went to the gym!!!! Woohooo! I am on a mission to have abs like Gwen Stefani by the end of the summer. I’m writing it here, therefore I am officially being held accountable. I’ll be meeting with a trainer and getting fit! I feel good about my body now, but I want to be strong and fierce (yup, I said it)! After the gym I had a slice of sprouted grain bread with a little bit of raw honey. Mom and I went to the mall and bought some fun new clothes, all natural beauty products, and enjoyed a lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Posts about eating raw at Cheesecake Factory and my new all natural beauty products coming soon!!

Now I am babysitting. Children are in bed, I’ve had a cookie, and now I am drinking lots and lots of water. Not so bad.

Tomorrow I am bringing a nice raw fruit salad to our Father’s Day Brunch…pictures to follow soon! Happy Dad’s Day!

Later Punks.


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