Fruit Tastes Better Than Pancakes, Duh!

I have lots and lots to talk about but to keep you from having to read one extended post, I’m going to break them up.  I want to tell you about my new all natural beauty products, avoiding drinking, a few articles on health and diet that my Dad sent me and, for right now, FRUIT SALAD over pancakes!

We had brunch for Father’s Day with all the typical breakfast fare: pancakes, sausage, home fries, yogurt parfaits, egg bake, and fruit salad.  Now usually, brunch is a time that I indulge, especially on a special occasion when family and friends come together and let loose!  Apparently, very fortunately, it seems that my tastes are changing.  I filled my plate with fruit salad and then took one pancake to try and some home fries (potatoes and onions cooked with clarified butter).  You should note that  I am a pancake freak.  Brunch to me means nothing if there are no pancakes involved.  Or, should I say, I used to be a pancake freak!  I took a couple bites of the pancake and was so overwhelmed by the lack of flavor, texture, and pleasure that is provided from eating a pancake versus a fresh fruit salad.  I think this may have been the first time that I actually believed I wanted to eat raw foods simply because they tasted better.  There’s just nothing appealing about a dry, heavy, dull, practically flavorless pancake that you have to drench in butter and syrup to make more appetizing.  By the way, these weren’t exceptionally bad pancakes, my sister and I made them and they were just like any other pancakes.  

My mind and my body seem to finally be getting in sync.  I know fresh raw fruits and vegetables are better for me and now my body and mind are calling for those foods over cooked or processed ones quite naturally.  Beautiful!

On a similar note, yesterday I finally made myself some Green Lemonade again!  Yummmm!  I could feel my cells getting clean, plus I forgot how filling it can be!  I spent 4 hours at the hair salon yesterday.  I forgot how high maintenance it is to change your hair color!  While I was there I munched on some grapes and then I had a banana before work.  Quite a light, easy day on my digestive system!  At work I made a smoothie out of apples, cinnamon, banana, water, and a little bit of soy milk.  It was okay, but I wish I would have just done berries and banana like usual. Then for dinner I had a huge salad with mesclun greens, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, dried cherries and a sprinkle of toasted almonds with tahini dressing on top.  Oh, and a couple bites of a peanut butter cookie….working at a coffee shop with free cookies every time one breaks is still an obstacle for me!

Have a good day!  Later Punks. : )


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