Calories, Calories, Calories

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been so MIA these days. Life has been pretty crazy. Without using all the space here to vent, I’m still going to give you my excuses. I have three jobs, so my schedule is choppy and inconsistent, full of meetings, and two hour snippets of work on opposite ends of town…blah blah blah…PLUS I have a wonderful person in my life who has decided to move across the country only months after moving into my life, so I’ve been spending most of my free time taking up his. : )

Nevertheless, I am now sitting down at my computer, with a mega greek salad (no feta, thank you) and telling you about my week in food.

I have been working out more, and although I have read about some raw foodists who do hardcore training on like bananas, apples, and lettuce alone, I just can’t do it. This is on top of lots of bike riding and 6-8 hours of dance rehearsal a week, so I’m pretty darn active these days. My trainer has suggested I aim to get about 1500 calories a day, and it has been tough! I have been trying to add a little more cooked food into my diet throughout the day so that I don’t end up hungrier than I realize and bingeing at night.

I realized recently that it is a bad habit of mine to eat minimally during the day without a problem and then having a very hard time restricting my diet at night. To curb this, I am trying to add more calorie dense foods earlier in my day. This morning, for example, instead of just an orange before the gym, I had a piece of sprouted grain bread with a little bit of almond butter. This totally goes against my proper meal combining, and I do think I had a bit of indigestion BUT it kept me full through my workout and another couple hours afterwards. Once I was done digesting that, I had an apple for a snack and experienced no digestion issues. For lunch I am having a greek salad and eating 2 of the pita squares. I think my diet may be shifting back to a place where I do eat more cooked food than I have been, but still predominately filled with raw fruits and veggies and nuts. I will be maintaining my avoidance of processed food, although I will probably still have lattes because no matter what they do to my body I still haven’t learned my lesson.

Speaking of lattes, here’s something you should never, ever do: drink a latte instead of a meal after a workout, eat a lot fast, and try to workout again. I felt like I was on drugs, seriously. I had a 60 minute leg session with my trainer without hydrating throughout it. I had only had an apple and a banana previous and I downed a bottle of water and a banana within an hour afterward. Then I had a latte without any substantial food. I started to feel a little weird but thought I would survive. I quickly ate some macadamia nuts and carrots before I went off to take a dance class. I was still feeling caffeinated so I tried to keep drinking lots of water. By the time I got to class I felt nauseous, light-headed, and quite drugged. Lesson learned!!! Hydrate through your workout and EAT! Its easy, especially when you are losing weight, to try to keep eating minimally when you are working out to get fast results but it just isn’t smart. You should figure out how many calories a day you need to maintain your weight and then subtract between 250-350 calories and aim for that number. I am actually aiming for about 500-600 calories less but that’s because I know I grab bites of things and stray a little more than I usually plan to. I am certainly not the picture perfect raw foodie but I still want my veggies!!!

I have also realized lately how much I love salads. Even when I’m letting go and trying to consume more calories I don’t even look at sandwiches on menus anymore. I just want salad, and maybe like 1/2 or 1 piece of whole grain bread with it. I am also going to add carbs so that I don’t end up eating 1000 calories of nuts. I don’t want my diet to be so out of balance with nutrients just because I’m trying to eat 100% raw and get enough calories. Remember, sweet potatoes, brown rice, all-natural whole grain bread, and sprouted grain bread are all great ways to get some starch into your diet without ruining your raw food health benefits!

Okay, that my friends is quite a long entry. I shall be back soon! Get ready for much more frequent posts, they’re coming! For now, have a happy 4th of July and Eat happy!!! : )


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