Eat Well, Get Busy.

That title sounds a little dirty, but really I’m just talking about eating well when you’re so busy your head is spinning.  Having fresh fruit and veggies on hand is just so important.  If you can grab an apple on your way out the door, and pack a couple of bananas or berries you’ve already washed or a bag of grapes, you’ll be good through your whole morning!  Always have a bag of baby carrots, sugar snap peas, or cherry tomatoes ready to eat or in a tupperware at your side all day.  Try to chop up some cucumbers or peppers at night that you can grab and go during the day.  Nuts and dried fruit are great too, but don’t go nuts.  I wish I had more fruit and veggies on hand right now, its been tough to try to get enough calories and still eat well because I don’t have much in my house right now!!  Today has looked like this so far:

apple for breakfast

banana 1/2 way through rehearsal

lots o’ fresh pineapple after rehearsal

sprouted grain toast with a bit of horseradish mustard and 1/4 avocado

Now I’m at work and I’ll probably make a big green salad with some beans, but I’m starving now and foodless!  Bananas to the rescue!?  Probably. 


Later Punks. : )


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  1. 1

    Lina said,

    hey girl. what happened to your “music of the day”-thing?


  2. 2

    Hey Lina! I still do that, but I do it on instead of here, I think that’s what I’ve always done!

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