Falling Off the Wagon…Again.

I have been eating so much crap lately!  I had an ice cream sundae today, ice cream yesterday, a cookie at work the other day…diet pepsi today!  I’ve been feeling pretty lax about calories since I’ve been working out, which is totally okay BUT I think I’m starting to forget how good I feel when I eat completely unprocessed, raw foods.  I miss the way my body feels when it doesn’t have to work hard to digest processed crap.  Just goes to show that skinny does not necessarily equal healthy!  I’m going to try to eat purely fresh fruit and salad tomorrow to cleanse a bit and hopefully keep the junk food to a much lower level.  Gotta get my cravings under control again!  Yikes!  Anyone else having some raw challenges lately?  I’d love to hear about the obstacles you guys face and how you overcome them!  


Later Punks! : P


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    Swayze said,

    My best advice for staying raw is simply to eat more raw foods! I know it sounds silly, but many raw foodists, even long-term raw foodists, cannot maintain the diet because they do not eat enough.

    The best way to eat enough is to get the bulk of your calories from calorically-dense sweet fruit, about 80-90%. After a meal, you should aim for 3-5 hours of satiation.

    I also wrote an article on binge eating and how to overcome it, if you are interested:


    Hope that helps,
    Swayze 🙂

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    Iluvlife said,

    I was having the same exact problem and it made me feel awful! I just started a Master Cleanse yesterday to clear out some of the crap I’ve been eating lately and to let my head clear up so I can focus on eating healthy/mostly raw again! I did one a little less than a year ago and it helped me keep on track for so long, afterward I just didn’t want to un-do all the good I had done for myself

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