Finding My Place at The Taste of Buffalo

So today I went to one of my favorite events in Buffalo, The Taste of Buffalo. Tons of sample size food, lots of different restaurants, lots of people, and of course Downtown Buffalo! I love trying new food and used to go for just about anything when I went to the Taste. I tried to go with an open mind this year, thinking maybe I’d try to stay healthy but not to worry too much if something not so ideal for my body sounded tempting.

I shocked myself! Everything seemed so heavy and unappealing. I actually ended up forcing myself to use all the tickets I had paid for! I started off with Caprese Skewers, which honestly were quite lame. Tomatoes that obviously weren’t fresh, peppers, mozzarella cheese (not fresh), and a barely there sprinkle of basil and balsamic glaze. Should have been so much better than they were. Oh well. I also had some cooked food-spinach and chickpeas from an Indian place and Vegetable Korma (veggies in a cashew sauce over basmati rice) from another. Both dishes were pretty good, my big “cheat” was eating the naan bread and a few bites of white basmati rice, but the vegetables mattered most. My favorite thing I tried though was something called a Warsaw salad from a Polish restaurant and guess what!! RAW!!!! It was a lovely combination of sauerkraut, shredded carrots, red onion, herbs, and lemon caraway. Delicious! I’m going to try to make my own version sometime in the not too distant future! Yummmm!

I had tickets leftover for dessert, an area of food that I have trouble holding back on but I didn’t even want anything. There were these cookies that I had thought I wanted to try but my body knew better and told me not to bother. I left feeling slightly full but not weighed down and totally ready to tackle the rest of my afternoon instead of taking a nap. I like my new place in food. Seeking out the raw-est options at any given food event, challenging but so fun and so worth it.

Also, I was reading a bunch of stuff on the forum on It totally re-inspired me to go mostly raw again, going for as many 100% days as possible. I think I got in a rut with recipes and started to get bored and probably wasn’t eating enough. I am on a mission to freshen up my food repertoire and start getting enough calories with high quality raw food. I’ve probably said that a lot, but seriously, I think reading about people’s stories and learning everyday is going to inspire me over and over again. Its just a matter of delving back into the raw world a bit to keep myself reminded of why I do it in the first place: amazing natural flavors, fun and creative recipes, optimal health, and beautiful bodies. : )


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