Raw ‘Til Dinner? Sounds Good to Me.

Hey all! Things have been going pretty well the past couple of days. I have been able to completely avoid dairy, even the cookies at work on Monday night! I’ve also been trying to stay away from wheat, but like an utter genius I poured myself a bowl of cereal Monday night in which the first ingredient is wheat…GREAT! I have been eating raw until dinner for the past couple days and liking it quite a bit but wheat cereal is definitely not a smart choice for me. I ended up with hives on my legs, something that hasn’t happened to me since last summer when I decided to try to avoid wheat.

So yea, raw ’til dinner. I really enjoy eating fresh fruit and/or green juice in the morning and through my day while I am teaching dance until 3pm. Then I’ll eat some veggies, a salad if Ive managed to save time to make and take one, or a handful of nuts and apricots to hold me over until dinner. Then for dinner Monday, after some raw spinach dip wraps, I had a bowl of cereal with a little bit of soy milk (forgot to bring almond milk with me). I have still been doing soy lattes, although I think I may be allowing myself to be get re-addicted to espresso so I’m going to have to try to tackle that one soon, or maybe today! Yesterday I had a “Shanghai Salad” from TGIFridays (minus the pork pot stickers, of course.) It was a huuuuuge bowl of lettuce, carrots, cabbage, celery, red peppers, and a few peanuts and ‘crispy noodles’. I liked that the salad was 98% raw veggies and the peanuts and crispy noodles were super minimal BUT it was predominantly lettuce and celery, which really took over as the main flavor and I’m not a huge celery person. Its a pretty decent option though as far as chain restaurants go. Oh yea, and I had some sweet potato fries. Ya know what though? They are never quite as good as I want them to be. When will I learn that and just stop bothering?

Have a lovely day punks!


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    Sounds like you’re doing good! Eating raw until dinner is a great start. I tend to mix in cooked and raw throughout the day, but whatever works…

    Sounds like a good salad at TGIF. I haven’t been there in years – maybe I”ll try it agaiin:-)

  2. 2

    Kristie Hess said,

    oh…how I can relate to the last statement! I do the same thing! I think I want something so bad…then I cave in and eat it….and I don’t even enjoy it! UGH…when will I learn just don’t even eat it!

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