A Matter of Conditioning

So, yes, I’m a “raw food punk” and I believe that I truly have the power to be healthy and still eat whatever I want whenever I want to.  BUT, yes, there’s a big but, I have been giving in to little bites of things, and bad days far, far more often than I had been when I was feeling my very best.  You can eat ice cream every once in a while, but when you are eating something non-ideal for your health every single day, you’ve got a problem.

I’m in the process of detoxing to just get rid of some cravings and habits I’ve formed. Like a caramel macchiato when I haven’t had enough calories, or chocolate after every meal even when I’m really full.  Taking a bite of an oatmeal cookie just because its sitting on the back table at work, drinking chemically fake sugar syrups just ’cause I can…these silly little habits that aren’t necessary at all.  I read an article recently about a guy who was training for a marathon and would treat himself to a huge unhealthy pizza buffet after training.  He actually started craving pizza while he was running.  He decided to break the habit and started eating fruit salad instead after his runs…now he craves fruit while he’s running!  it just got me to thinking about how so much of what we do is totally just out of habit. I know I crave things just because its what my body is used to, so if I detox a bit, get rid of those habits, I’ll get rid of the cravings and be able to really feed my body the best possible nourishment, right?  I hope so.

I’ve had nothing but fruit and veggies for the past two days and I feel great.  Today, after my delicious salad of lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, red peppers, avocado, and a bit of citrus vinaigrette, I felt like I wanted some chocolate.  Now, eating a piece of dark chocolate really isn’t bad BUT I’m trying to break the habits so I refrained and drank some water with lemon instead.  No big deal!  I can soooo do this.  I’m going to do one more day of strictly fruits and veggies with a small serving of avocado/olive oil for one more day.  Then I’m going to ease up a bit but try to stay as raw as possible.  Feels good now, totally worth it, just gotta remember that when I’m at Denny’s at midnight!!  Ugh.

Later Punks. : )


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