Totally Punkin’ It.

Hello! I am back from the incredibly long hiatus from posting on this site. It has been a hectic month with moving plans and work and finding new work and no time for my brain to even process the events in my life! Does anybody else ever notice that they think a lot less and notice/ponder life a whole lot less when you have too much on your plate? Cut some things out of your life so you can enjoy it more, that’s my new advice.

On the food front, I have been living up to the Punk part of being a Raw Food Punk to the extreme lately. I am in a phase of feeling good about my body and my health and the progress I can make in terms of those two, without being extreme. Its fun to see how you can totally dive hide first into something radical (100% raw food diet) and then come out completely you, holding on to some parts, letting go of others. I think it is so important to learn from an experience and make changes that work for and with you, without completely becoming a different person. I would not call myself a raw foodist, I never have, but I certainly have found the benefits of eating a whole lot of raw food and will never compromise that.

Although I’ll try just about anything, I still eat almost completely vegan, totally vegetarian, mostly gluten and sugar free and highly raw. I still eat fruit for the first part of the day (I highly, highly, highly recommend this), and I try to still eat raw until dinner. It feels good to be light and energetic throughout my day, and eating raw really does that. I think organizing your meals is so important too and I really strive to keep my meals simple and easy to digest.

Living on my own in New York City has put me on a small budget and the abundance of convenient food markets is amazing. I shop a couple of times a week and make healthy meals out of mostly fresh vegetables, sweet potatoes, beans, and rice. But, I ate pasta at a restaurant last week, I sample the pastries at my new (amazing) place of work, and I enjoy myself a good latte and vegan cookie every once in a while.

I’ve said this before, but I want to say it again. For a lot of us, restrictions just make things worse. I definitely know that from experience. When I’m being strict I end up bingeing, dealing with guilt, detoxing….and again the same. But the freedom of choice has changed the way I eat. I eat much smaller portions, I can comprehend when my body is done for now. I have so much more self-control. If there is a muffin in front of me that I don’t like all that much, I feel no need to eat it just because I already took a bite. Do what you want. Be a punk. Your brain will catch on and finally be able to relax and listen to your body’s needs.

That all being said, however, I can not wait to go out and try some of the raw food restaurants in New York and I will be sure to share my experiences! I’m also not against a 100% raw food diet at all. I feel great when I eat raw, and I highly recommend it for people who really want to do it. But if you feel restricted and are dyyyyyying to have a piece of cake, who’s to say you shouldn’t? Not me.

Enjoy your life. Be flexible, healthy, and happy. šŸ™‚

Rock on punks!


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    Laura said,

    I agree with you 100%. Life’s too short to not eat cake when you want it (occasionally). I’ve experienced the affects of eating more raw, especially the part about wanting less of the other stuff the more I eat the best stuff.


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