Time for a Change.

Okay, heres something you should know about me. In case it isn’t blatantly obvious yet, I have commitment issues. I change my mind, A LOT. Its hard for me to commit for a very long time on books, jobs, ideas, theories, food choices, diets, people..you get the gist.

Im telling you this as a disclaimer because I have decided to follow a more rigorous diet for a little while. My last post was about freedom and being a total Raw Food Punk, and today I am taking it back. My reasoning is pretty superficial. I am not as thin as I would like to be. I’m fine. I am at a very healthy weight and I look fine. But I used to be very thin, and I miss being skinny and looking good in everything. I want to lose 10 more pounds but I don’t want to spend hours at the gym, and I don’t want to end up super muscular. I also don’t feel as healthy as I did when I was eating mostly raw in California and I miss feeling so in control of my body and my choices. I was experiencing shifting tastes and a healthy body that craved healthy foods, and I miss that.

So I have circled a date on the calendar. I have a goal, and I have rules. I made them myself, so that makes it slightly punk-worthy, right? Here are my rules:

-Juice at least 3 times a week
-Fresh Fruit and/or juice until lunch…maybe even dinner sometimes!
-No eating “just a bite” of cookies/baked goods at The Bakery (yes, Im a raw food punk working at the most amazing bakery in Manhattan…lets move on.)
-Salads/Veggies for lunch
-Follow meal organization carefully
-Coffee less often, and without soy milk
-Only one, if any, latte per week
-Relax on saturday, have a cookie if I want (I get them for free any day I want them..)
-Yoga at least 2x a week
-Mostly fruits and veggies, with some nuts, whole grains, dried fruit, and dark chocolate mixed in
-Absolutely no processed food, ever. Cause really, what’s the point? Its my first conscious political action too!

I think that’s all. And its going to be tough, Im going to want to change my mind…I know that. But Im going to write here more often to talk about when its easy and when its not so easy. How awesome I feel and when things get ugly.

Hope you’re pumped, I sure am. 🙂


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