Cupcakes on the Counter…

Hey punks! The past two days have been pretty good, not flawless, but pretty good!

Yesterday I worked for 12 hours at the bakery. Yup, 12 hours. I had a banana before work, a plate of salad and sauteed veggies for lunch with a couple bites of jasmine rice and then I worked and worked and worked. I had a bowl of raddichio and chickpea salad towards the end of the night. When I was on my way home all I wanted was take-out. Something easy and delicious, and mildly unhealthy. I refrained but I had some major cravings on the bus, I thought maybe eating my apple would do the trick, but I was not satisfied. I figured I could eat some dark chocolate when I got home and be good to go, since Id be going to bed within a couple of hours and wasn’t feeling incredibly hungry to begin with. But then I got home to a very pleasant and torturous surprise. A pretty little white box sitting on the counter with a label that says This Chick Bakes and a post-it that says Hayley, Feel free to eat! Love, K and E (my roommate and her sister) I opened the box. It was a foodie’s dream. 4 cupcakes, and five different cookies, all handmade, all beautiful, all sampled and just asking for another bite to be taken.

I tried a bite of one of the cupcakes and 3 of the cookies. Just bites, literally a taste. It was worth it, and Im glad I let myself sample but didn’t go nuts. Once I sat down, I realized I really was hungry so I had some shredded cabbage with a make-shift raw teriyaki sauce (this meal is my new addiction, I actually want it today but Im out of cabbage!) I may have had one more bite of a cookie after that, but I didn’t eat enough to feel anything other than satisfied. No incredible full or heavy feeling, perfect!

Today has been about the same. An apple for breakfast, salad and sweet potato for lunch. I had a slice of sprouted grain bread with whole grain mustard and a huge pile of alfalfa sprouts when I got home, plus a couple bites from the mini-bakery left on my counter. I’m going to make corn gazpacho for dinner so keep your eye out for a new recipe on!

I have to tell you, while eating those baked goods just to taste them, I felt like I was missing something. There just isn’t as much pure unadulterated flavor as there is in fresh, whole, raw foods. Products made with processed flour like baked goods and pasta (I had a disappointing moment with a bite of Israeli couscous today) just get in the way of the real flavors that come from vegetables and spices. The best part of the couscous I tried today was the fresh herbs. If you’re looking for bold flavors and incredible taste, try reaching for something in its raw form, you’ll be pleasantly surprised…and maybe disappointingly surprised next time you reach for a suddenly bland sugar cookie.

Later punks!


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    Lina said,

    well hayley, i’m glad to see you’re back to writing on this site as i find your blog inspiring and you’re way of thinking/acting a bit like my own. i also tend to change my mind quite often as well depending on the mood i’m in, something i’ve read or heard or seen that pushes me in a different direction. so you live in ny city now? do you love it? i’ve only been there once and mostly recall the feeling of a week not being even close to enought to experience that crazy, intriguing place. hope your new project with the raw stuff is working for you… keep on writing girl!

    /lina from sweden (to be pronounced with a heavy accent 😉

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