Yummy Veggies and Rice…Even on my “Cheat Day”

I am sort of against cheat days. But I’m not sort of against eating a brownie every once in a while…Having a specified day for such “allowances” helps you from making the “allowances” every other day. So I’ve been really good! Not even talking bites of cookies at work, avoiding the vegetable lo mein, not over eating, etc. Saturday, however, had its good moments and its, well, less good moments. I tried bites of stuff at work. I didnt have any full baked goods though. Then after work my roommate and I went to dinner. Even though it was my relaxed, be free to eat anything day, I stuck with a lovely asian chopped salad and some curried rice (white rice, oh no!) We also had black rice that was incredible. Then we went to a movie, sans chemically altered popcorn, thank you. 🙂

Here comes the good part…or bad part…depends on how youre looking at things…We got ice cream from a place called Sundaes and Cones. INCREDIBLE. They have tons of different flavors, clearly made from scratch. I had a sundae with mocha chip and cookies and cream ice cream and hot fudge and brownies. It was incredible, and flavorful, and perfect. That is unhealthy food worth eating. It didnt feel like dead, processed, junk. It wasn’t wholesome, but it was good food. And it wasn’t outrageous either. The sundae was big, but not ginormous. The brownie pieces were probably two tiny bites worth and you gout about four pieces. I was very, very full and I probably didn’t really need to finish it. But I did. And it was worth it.

As I write this, though, Im enjoying a bowl of alafalfa sprouts with cucumbers and some whole grain mustard. Totally different realms of flavor. Still just as enjoyable. 🙂 I love being a raw food punk!

Big Shout out to Lina (with a heavy accent, of course). Thank you for your encouragement and kind words! New York City is absolutely amazing. I’ll keep writing, you keep reading…and commenting! 🙂


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