Be Prepared!

Today was a good example of what can go wrong when you don’t keep healthy food on hand! As I mentioned previously, I work at a bakery. A really amazing bakery. Today, I went into work at 5:30 am expecting to leave before noon. We have an incredible salad bar for lunch and fruit in the morning, so I figured I would just eat some additional fruit before I left and be good until later. My great intentions were thrown off though when I had to stay at work past noon. I was really much hungrier than I had expected to be, far earlier than I wanted to be. And there was a broken, beautiful mixed berry scone literally at my fingertips. I should mention that this is the best scone I’ve ever tasted in my life, and therefore I have no regrets. The berries were still a little warm and plump and the scone was sugary in just the right way, and had the perfect texture. I ate half of the scone and then had some salad and squash for lunch. No big deal. Then I ended up staying at work even longer, another few hours, and was hungry again! Being completely empty handed, no fruit, no nuts, no veggies, I grabbed half of a small cookie that was broken. Now, half of a small cookie really is not a big deal. But the point is, I didn’t eat as wholesomely as I would have liked today because I dropped the ball on being prepared for a long day.

Bring snacks! All the time!


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    Lina said,

    did the same thing yesterday… went swimming thinking i just ate i won’t get hungry. what happens? i get out of the pool with the shakes and buys a cheese sandwich. good but could’ve brought a banana to avoid this from occurring. next time i’ll know. or not. we’ll see.

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