It’s all Salt and Oil

Mornin’ punks. I have a slight problem. My eating habits have been pretty great. Fruit in the morning, lunch of salad and cooked veggies, dinner of a salad or cabbage, or avocado sandwich or even just some tahini with chocolate powder and agave. BUT Ive been feeling a little less light than I would expect and haven’t lost any weight.
I started thinking about it yesterday while I was eating lunch and I realized that the daily salad bar lunch that I adore so much at work is playing tricks on me. This is a prime example of only letting the food shine so much before its masked with too much salt and oil. I wonder what was wrong with roasted flat beans to begin with that we had to add so much oil and salt. Are us Americans incapable of enjoying food without those flavors adulterating the natural goodness of our vegetables?

So I’m making a major effort to act with some discretion at the prepared foods/salad bar and advise you all to do the same out there. Pay attention to how the food looks and tastes, you’ll know if its laden with salt and oil or not. Stick to raw as much as possible, the less cooked it is, the less they’ve probably added to it. I’ve been sticking with greens, squash, and cauliflower and I already feel better. I think making your plate at least 75% raw greens with a touch of dressing makes a huge difference in keeping your body feeling clean and light.

To all you chefs out there: chill out on the salt and oil you don’t need to use illusions to get people to eat their veggies, thank you.

Until next time, eat happy punks!


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