100% Raw: Going Strong!

Day three!!!! I’ve been so good, and I feel a lot healthier than I have in a while (other than this stupid cold!) I know it might sound silly, but I really do think it makes a huge, huge difference to stick to my healthy eating 100% instead of allowing little bites of the buttery veggies and sugary desserts at work.

Here is a run down of my meals the past two days:


Breakfast: 1 orange, then a huge green smoothie-pineapple, kale, banana, and ice

Lunch/snack: Raw chocolate fudge (I should have had veggies…I know!)

Dinner: Sprout salad (recipe coming soon on Rawfoodpunk.com), baby carrots, and a banana


Breakfast: Green smoothie

Lunch: Apple and raw chocolate fudge (aka cashews, golden raisins, and coconut–still good for me!)

Snacks: Cold brewed iced coffee with stevia (this was my weak moment, I’m working on giving it up), banana, 2 apples

Dinner: Cherry tomatoes, pressed cabbage salad (recipe coming soon rawfoodpunk.com!)

I may make some chocolate avocado pudding too….

Enjoy your night and eat happy!! 🙂


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    Sounds like you are a sweet tooth like me!! I just wanted to say that I love your site and I’ve just made the zucchini pasta with a variation of your “meat” sauce and it was the most amazing raw meal I’ve ever had. My spiralizer arrived in the mail this morning and I was so excited to try the pasta. Certainly didn’t disappoint.

    Yesterday I had raw chocolate, raspberry fudge cake for breakfast…and maybe lunch too so I smiled when I saw what you’ve been eating!

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks! Oh, and I did a post about starting to go raw a couple of weeks ago and quoted your site….I should have asked before hand so I hope you don’t mind. You can see what I wrote at:


    • 2

      Punkblogs said,

      Part of the benefit of eating raw is that our “indulgent” desserts are actually super healthy! Today I ate the richest chocolatey dessert ever…but it was made of avocado and dates! And it was only half of an avocado and 3 dates, so really, not too much fat or anything like some heavy nut dishes! Thanks for referencing me on your site! I love knowing that Im helping people discover their way in the raw food world and am honored that you quoted me! As long as there is a link to mine, I’m cool with it! Thanks so much, I’m excited to read about your progress. Keep up the good work and don’t deny your sweet tooth!

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