Raw, Raw, Raw…Popcorn!

I ate cooked food. I went five days raw, and I feel very proud of myself. I also think that my 4-5 full raw days already helped me remember how good it can feel and instilled some better eating habits in me. I had recently been going on weird food benders where I would eat crappy food late at night, in slightly inappropriate portions and then vow to be better that week. I feel pretty strongly that I won’t have any nights like that anytime soon. Eating raw just helps you appreciate food more. Food is fuel, why use it for any other reason? Fortunately we can receive great pleasure from the variety and flavor in our diet, but when it comes down to it, you eat when you’re hungry. Period. I’ve gotten back into making green smoothies. I do miss juicing a bit, but right now it is just much easier for me to make green smoothies. Additionally, I’ve gotten more raw veggies back into my routine and I really do feel cleaner already! Oh! And I broke my chocolate bar habit…I think. So its day 6 of my “raw reform” and the only cooked food I’ve had within those 6 days is popcorn (with salt and agave) and baba ganoush, which is practically raw anyway!

Hey punks, how’s raw going for you? I would love some stories!!

Eat happy. 🙂


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