Raw Food: Make it or Take it

I think I’ve decided my absolute favorite thing about eating a high raw diet. Yes the health benefits, clear skin, and weight loss are all wonderful but what I enjoy is the fact that almost every single raw product I see in the store, I could easily make at home. And that is not because I’m some brilliant raw food chef, I’m not. But I could easily make the raw ice cream I just bought (Organic Nectars Cherry Chocoalte Raw Agave Gelato) in a blender, and will be soon. I also won’t be buying Larabars anymore, because I can make them all myself. Cashew Cookie Larabars are literally just dates and cashews, I’ll be trying that this week. Check out Rawfoodpunk.com soon for easy raw desserts and snacks!

It is just so exciting to buy and consume something that you can fully understand how its made. I really don’t think any of us should consume anything that would be a complete and utter mystery if we faced the ingredient list in our own kitchen.

On today’s menu:

2 oranges
2 bananas with tahini, agave, and cinnamon
Juice with cucumber, kale, spinach, pineapple, and apple
Big salad with apricot dressing (recipe on Rawfoodpunk.com soon!)
Raw Gelato mentioned above.


Keep it real punks!


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