Slippery Slope.

I ate fried tortilla chips on Friday night and drank beer. Not so bad. Then, that same night, I had an ice cream sundae. Woops! Oh well, that’s what being a Raw Food Punk is all about, right? Next day I went for all raw to balance out my healthiness and felt just fine. But then, at work yesterday, maybe due to another cold and tempting comfort food, I ate buttery mashed potatoes and peas, and then bought ice cream on my way home. Why!? I firmly believe in not restricting yourself unreasonably, but I literally bought that ice cream with this sort of “I was bad this weekend, let me be worse before I start being good again tomorrow.” I think that is a really lame mentality but once the idea comes into my head I can’t seem to get rid of it. Does anyone else experience this? How do we completely overcome the idea of going overboard when we’ve gotten off our ideal eating plans? All ideas welcome!!


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