Where Are All The Vegetables!?

Does anyone else hate when you order Chinese/Thai food thinking you are getting lots of vegetables with a tasty sauce for dinner but you end up with like three pieces of broccoli in a cup and a half of fattening or sugary sauce!? UGH! We ordered Thai food here last night, which was okay because I was planning on making a curry sauce anyway but feeling quite lazy. My apologies for the lack of recipes on Rawfoodpunk.com this week, by the way. Anyway, Im a sucker for thai food but I try to stick to just veggies and skip the rice noodles/white rice/fried anything route. So I ordered a stir-fried veggie dish with a sweet and sour sauce, probably has sugar in it, but ya know, you gotta chose your battles, right? So I had some last night and was okay with it BUT today was a whole different story. I went to have the leftovers and realized that I had basically eaten all of the vegetables and was left with a huge takeout container of sauce. I could not believe the amount of sauce that was in there in comparison to the amount of vegetables. It was absolutely insane. I resolved to steam a head of broccoli and throw that in with it, there was still far too much sauce, I probably threw away half of it. Yikes!

I guess my point is if you ever order takeout Chinese or Thai food be prepared to steam some veggies or throw some raw ones in there too and don’t consume all of that sauce! The good stuff is in the vegetables. More veggies, more veggies, more veggies!!

Later Punks. : P


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